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  • Matthew Poh

| Transition | TCE

At this stage in TCE as we start to pack up i12katong and move into our permanent location in OCH, I smile and thank God for all that we have gone through. From accusations and termination, to revival and celebrations, much have happened in the recent rollercoaster ride and we are appreciative, for all have turned out well.

For one, we have great shareholders who not just generously support the cafe and her cause, they are personally concerned with the beneficiaries growth, their day to day affairs and their stability as we start a new life. The shareholders might not have known that their efforts have improved our life and gave us hope. Their generosity did cause a turn in the lifestyle of our cafe’s beneficiaries. No longer do we change jobs often and no longer do we run around like some rejects. We are wholly accepted here. We are the fallen ones and we are sincerely appreciative of this opportunity given to us.

The staff are also polished gems under a ton of soil. They might have a past that they do regret . Now they are working hard in various specific areas of coffee craft. Reyan focuses on roasting quality beans that taste fabulous. Sharif focuses on running the cafe as a AM. Lee focuses on improving his coffee skills. They are all valuable asset of our organisation. They are also examples to others that peaceful work and appreciative attitude is a constructive path towards a better life.

We are extremely thankful for everyone that have supported our cafe and cause.