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We procure green beans and carefully roast them to the taste preferred by our customers. We stock a range of beans that will please different preferences. Jut try them, discuss with our baristas and we can recommend you something that you will enjoy as your favourite cup of caffeine fix!
Colombia Dulima

Colombia Dulima is Excelso EP grades sourced from high altitudes in the Tolima and Huila growing regions. Half of every hand-selected lot is guaranteed screen 17/18 or higher. As an excellent single origin or a consistent blender, this fully washed coffee is smooth and clean, with a pointed acidity and good body. The spread of coffee planting throughout Colombia in the early 19th century is attributed to a priest who made coffee planting a penance for his parishioners. It worked. Colombia is among the largest producer of coffee in the world, and was number two behind Brazil for decades. The Tolima growing regions is named after the Tolima district, which was home to Pijaos people before the Spanish arrived. The Pijaos were known among the Spaniards as fierce defenders of their homeland, which they called Dulima.

Region | Dulima, Colombia

Growing Altitude | 1400-1600 masl

Milling Process | Fully Washed

Aroma | Aromatic Chocolate

Flavour | Sweet Red Grape, Orange Rind & Dark Chocolate

Body | Full

Acidity | Medium

Colombian Huila

This coffee comes from mostly small family-owned farms in the growing region of the department of Huila, Colombia. Most producers in this region will pick and process their own coffee at their own micro-wet mills and then dry their own coffee and deliver it to factories for dry milling, sorting and packaging. The three main regions in Huila where coffee is predominantly grown include Garzon, Pitalito, and Neiva

Region | Huila, Southern Colombia 

Growing Altitude | 1000 - 1900 masl

Milling Process | Fully Washed

Aroma | Aromatic Chocolate

Flavour | Cherry, Caramel & Chocolate

Body | Full

Acidity | Heavy Medium 

Brazil Mogiana

Brazil Mogiana 17/18 is produced by farmers organized around cooperatives in the Mogiana growing region split between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Mogiana region is the most renowned of three major Brazilian growing regions. This region has rolling hills and uneven terrain lending to farms that are small to medium in size. As the world’s largest coffee producer, Brazilian lots often come from larger estates that use highly mechanized processing strategies to manage larger volumes. Our current offering is Fine Cup (FC) and Strictly Soft (SS), the highest cup category in the Brazilian coffee grading

Region | Mogiana, Brazil

Growing Altitude | 800-1350 masl

Milling Process | Natural

Aroma | Sweet

Flavour | Nutty Chocolate and hint of soft fruit

Body | Medium

Acidity |Soft

Brazil Sul De Minas

This Brazil Sul De Minas is a lovely aggregate coffee produced from within the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This is a very purposeful blend from different farms in Sul De Minas created to get just the perfect cup and example of a gentle Brazilian coffee. Great as mellower daily drinker or base coffee to an espresso blend or any blend where a more neutral coffee is needed.

Region | Minas Gerais, Brazil

Growing Altitude | 1300-1600 masl

Milling Process |Natural

Aroma | Smoky Chocolate

Flavour | Dry Almond nuttiness and hints of Dark Chocolate 

Body | Medium Light

Acidity | Light

Ethiopian Anasora Guji

This private farm is owned by Israel Degfa, a second generation coffee grower from Ethiopia. This farm covers 250 hectares, only 150 of which are currently producing coffee; however, it is estimated that the remaining 100 hectares will be in full coffee production by 2018. 

Cherries are hand-sorted for unripes and overripes before they go into floatation tanks, where the cherries are covered with water. Any cherries that float are removed. Whole, ripe cherries are then dried in the sunshine on raised African drying beds laid out on hessian cloths for about 15–18 days, depending on the weather conditions. The cherries are covered with plastic or shade nets during the midday heat and at night.

Region | Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian

Growing Altitude | 1900-2350 masl

Milling Process | Natural

Aroma |Strawberry

Flavour | Rustic Chocolate & Berries

Body | Medium

Acidity |High

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Known for its sweet flavor and aroma with a light to medium body. Ethiopian Yirgacheffes are spicy and fragrant, and are frequently reviewed and rated as some of the highest quality Arabica coffees in the world. 

Region | Yirgacheffe

Growing Altitude | 1700-2200 masl

Milling Process | Washed

Aroma | Floral, Sweet

Flavour | Lemon, Fruity,Tea

Body | Medium

Acidity |Medium

GEISHA Manantiales

Colombia's Manantiales del Frontino is a 170-hectares estate in Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca, and one of the country's most prestigious coffee enterprises.

The farm has more than 10 varieties of coffee in different altitudes between 1500 and 2000 masl, planted along with native forests and pure meltwater from the central mountain range (Cordillera Central), which potentiates the best attributes of each variety to achieve cups and outstanding mixtures

Region | Colombia

Growing Altitude | 1700 -1800 masl

Milling Process | Washed 

Aroma | Sweet

Flavour | Red Apple, Mandarin,Honey & Brown Sugar

Body | Light

Acidity | Light